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For years I have collected with passion and curiosity many pictures, museum and exhibition tickets, reproductions of art works, or even candys paper found in some pockets, not at last discovering photos in newspapers. Intuitively I put these together, following their internal movement, their form and the dynamic of the spaces, the succession of compatible or discordant colours, all that in a silent dialogue of forms and contents hidden in these pictures, often full of irony. This made me an accomplice to their secrets.
Visual perception has always accompanied and inspired me in my activities as a choreographer, teacher and designer. At the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin I learned drawing, modelling, painting (tempera/watercolours) and discovered the history and the artistic-aesthetic path of ancient and contemporary European arts.
These years were followed by the qualification as an Arts teacher for primary and secondary schools as well as for technical colleges.

Bochum, October 8th, 2020,
Anna Pocher

No.06-2020 Smiling man (40x30cm)

No.02-2020 the Girl (40x40cm)

No.07-2020 (40x40cm)

No.01-2020 Totentanz (40x30cm)

No.03-2020 Children's in Orange (50x40cm)

No.10-2020 (50x36cm)

No.08-2020 Kantor (40x40cm)

No.21-2020 The First (40x30cm)

No.09-2020 (50x35cm)

No.30-2020 (40x50cm)

No.11-2020 (50x35cm)

No.15-2020 (60x50cm)

No.24-2020 The puppet Player (50x40cm)

No.13-2020 (60x50cm)

No.28-2020 (50x40cm)

No.22-2020 Leda (70x50cm)

No.31-2020 Hanna (70x60cm)

No.29-2020 (50x40cm)

No.05-2021 (70x50cm)

No.04-2021 (50x40cm)

No.12-2020 (40x50cm)

No.35-2020 On red's paper (50x50cm)

No.34-2020 On yellow’s paper (50x50cm)

No.48-2021 (70x50cm)

No.32-2020 (80x50cm)

No.17-2020 (70x50cm)

No.23-2020 Magicians (70x50cm)

No.18-2020 (70x50cm)

No.14-2020 (50x70cm)

No.41-2021 (40x30cm)

No.40-2021 Naples (41x50cm)

No.52-2021 (61x40cm)

No.19-2020 Tenerifa (70x50cm)

No.16-2020 Pasolini (70x50cm)

No.33-2020 Gardena valley (50x40cm)

No.26-2020 Comics (40x50cm)

No.27-2020 Travel to Sicily (51x37cm)

No.37-2020 Ballett 50' (50x40cm)

No.20-2020 The earnest Child (50x70cm)

No.25-2020 Commedia (40x40cm)

No.42-2021 (55x35cm)

No.43-2021 The roman's Bride (50x40cm)

No.44-2021 Armenia (30x40cm)

No.45-2021 (43x31cm)

No.46-2021 (50x70cm)

No.47-2021 (50x30cm)

No.60-2021 Rome (15x15cm)

No.58-2021 (60x40cm)

No.54-2021 Yellow (50x60cm)

No.53-2021 Gold Yellow (50x70cm)

No.56-2021 Tango (50x60cm)

No.62-2021 (30x40cm)

No.64-2021 (40x50cm)

No.63-2021 Rosa Mountain (40x40cm)

No.55-2021 (50x50cm)

No.59-2021 Diabolik (60x30cm)

No.57-2021 Hypnotic Eye (30x30cm)

No.65-2021 (50x40cm)

No.66-2022 Miniatur 1 (10x10cm)

No.67-2022 Miniatur 2 (10x10cm)

No.68-2022 Miniatur 3 (10x10cm)

No.69-2022 Miniatur 4 (10x10cm)

No.70-2022 Ölbild 2022 (30x40cm)

No.36-2020 (15x15cm)

No.49-2021 (14x14cm)

No.50-2021 (19x19cm)

No.51-2021 (19x19cm)

No.39-2020 (80x80cm)

No.38-2020 (70x50cm)
I was born in Turin (Italy) where I worked as a dancer, choreographer, and movement theacher. I trained at the dance School of Susanna Egri in Turin, and performed in her dancing group, as well as in other Theatres (Teatro Regio, Turin Opera House) Teatro Nuovo and in many different dancing companies. I attended a four year's graduation course at the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti (Turin) to become an Arts theatcher for primary and seconday schools.
Having lived in Germany for over thirty years, I was a member of the Dance Theatre Company of Reinhild Hoffmann. In my "artistic life" I have been working as a physical theatre artist as well as dancer and choreographer with actors, singers, dancers, musicians, directors in several German and Austrian theatres. From 1995-2011 I directed Dance Theater performances for young students of Drama Academies at German universities. In addition, I have been a theacher for Movement, Dance, working on the actors physicality at the Folkwang University of Arts since 2006. In January 2020 I performed in the theatre play "After Work" at the Schauspielhaus Bochum (Drama Theatre Bochum).
Trained by Mia Segal 1998-2002 I have also been a Feldenkrais ® Practitioner ever since. Furthermore, I have been working as Therapeutic Touch Practitioner since 2017 after have been trained by Hanja Homeyer, and R.E.S.E.T. with Josef Stotter 2018.
In 2021 I became member oft the BKB Bochumerkünstlerbund, the Artist Association of Bochum (Germany)
07. Juni 2022 - 19:00 Uhr

13. Mai 2022 - 09. Juli 2022
Kunstbunker - Baarestr. 68, Bochum

EINTRITT FREI! offene Ateliers in Bochum
12./13. März 2022
verlängert bis zum 03. Juni 2022
Das Werkstattatelier, Düppelstraße 22, Bochum

Miniatur in der bildenden Kunst
04. Oktober 2022 - 16. Dezember 2022
Am Markt 1, Fürstenwalde/Spree

26.06.2021 - 22.08.2021

26.11.2021 - 30.12.2021

02.11.2021 - 16.01.2022

03.11.2021 - 07.06.2022

ROTTSTR 5 H.O.F. Bochum
06.12.2021 - 31.01.2022

Anna Pocher
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